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How To Blog For Class

Why hello there!

These blog posts will give you an opportunity to respond to the readings before class, so that class discussion can be directed around your questions & thoughts. 

The blog will also be a place where, if you are less inclined to talk in class, you can focus your thoughts and show me that you’re engaging with the material.  In your posts, you can also raise questions or give reactions to the reading, though you will be provided with prompts for each post to direct your entries.

Some of the things you can do in your blog post are:

  • explain your own interpretation of the readings,
  • connect one reading with other materials in class,
  • engage constructively with each other’s blog posts (some of the prompts will require you to do this),
  • ask questions, or give reactions to the texts. 

You may also feel free to link to YouTube videos or websites if they can help provide evidence for your argument within a post; if you don’t know how to include these, ask me and I’ll show you how to do this.  Since the purpose of the assignment is to help you engage with the readings in a written format as well as to help you discuss the topics and concerns that will be important for your major papers, the more you try to make them useful for you the better they’ll be.

Please remember to observe the standard conventions of academic English in your blogs. Yes, this means that “you” should never be spelled “u.”

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