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This caught my attention as I was reading through a sociological images blog. The clothing company Forever 21 has revamped Minnie Mouse’s image. Here is what she looked like before:

And here is what she looks like now:

What do you think of her extreme makeover? Is there an argument being made here? What do you think it is?

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*Andrew brought to my attention that the dates posted earlier were wrong, so I have made changes. Sorry for any confusion!

Hi Class,

A few quick announcements:

1. Don’t forget to turn in your final draft of Researched Essay 3 to CE6 by TUESDAY, at 2:00PM.

2. Don’t forget that you will need to turn in the : first draft, second draft, updated annotated bib., and final as hard copies as part of your Portfolios when you submit them on Thursday.

3. On Monday, we will discuss preparing for an in-class essay exam, and talk about what to expect with your in-class essays.

4. On Wednesday, we will examine the subject you will be writing about for your last essay, and you will be able to begin brainstorming/organizing ideas, which you will then write out on Friday.

5. Unless you are doing a significant revision, you only have two new essays included in your portfolio: Reflective Portfolio Essay, and In-Class ESsay 4.

That’s it for now. Keep checking back for updates! 🙂

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